Grooming Contracts

Grooming Contracts

The dog is fit and healthy. Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at owner’s risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that we cannot be held liable for.

The dog is up to date with their vaccinations. An unvaccinated dog puts itself and owners at risk. If you wish to have your unvaccinated dog groomed, we cannot be liable for any illness contracted by your dog as a result of them not being vaccinated.

Payment will be made on collection of your dog. Estimates are based on an average dog of the breed or type, but owners must remember that some dogs will require extensive extra work and this will be charged for, on a half hourly basis and owner must collect their dog(s) at the time stated.

Dogs know when their groom is complete and they are eager to get home. We will charge a holding fee for late pick-ups as we need the space for other appointments – unless the studio has been notified that the owner will be late.

Conditions Under Which Dogs Are Accepted For Grooming.


Complete shaving of dogs will only be carried out if the dog is extensively matted. This will dramatically change their appearance and the hair will be very short and close to the skin. This may expose pre-existing skin complaints. Our normal grooming charge does not include De-Matting. There will be an additional charge per half-hour extra grooming time required to de-matt your dog(s). Please note we groom humanely and if we feel your dog(s) are in pain, they will be shaved off.

Please be honest and DO NOT bring your dog(s) in if you know they have flea’s. PLEASE treat your dog PRIOR to the appointment with a product like Frontline 48 hours prior to your appointment, allowing it time to absorb into the skin before bathing. Remember to treat your house too! If your appointment is booked for during the day, We will change the appointment to the end of the day in case there are any flea’s still present. If your dog(s) is found to have flea’s then a charge of £10 will be applied on top of the grooming price as we will need to clean thoroughly and flea bomb the grooming room to avoid cross-contamination.

We operate an honesty policy. This simply means I ask you to be honest with us about your dog(s) behavior at previous grooming establishments (for new clients). By telling us, we are better prepared in dealing with your dog(s). In return we will always be honest about your dog(s) behavior whilst in our care.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please inform us AT LEAST 24 HOURS before your appointment time so we have the chance to offer the appointment to someone else. Time is reserved to groom your dog(s) so if you fail to inform us you are no longer able to make your appointment then you will incur a cancellation fee payable before further appointments can be booked. The fee will be half the grooming price.

We run a strict grooming schedule so please inform us if you are running late as this might affect other clients appointment times. YOUR appointment time is for you and your dog only and if you arrive too late then your appointment may have to be re-booked and you will incur a cancellation fee. The fee will be half the grooming price so please be on time.

A Groomers hands are their livelihood which means
aggressive dogs will be charged extra. If your dog(s) are too aggressive and
present a risk of injury to itself or staff then we reserve the right to refuse
to groom them.

By having your dog groomed with us, you are accepting the above
terms, so please read them all carefully.

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