Appointments and Pricing


We operate an appointment policy so your dog will be treated with the utmost care and attention on a one to one basis. As we all lead busy lives, we offer flexible appointments to suit you!

The time we allocate for a groom varies from breed to breed and is based on the dog’s age and condition of their coat.

When you visit Shawz 4 Pawz your dog is our priority and we don’t believe in keeping your dogs waiting in cages so as soon as you walk into the studio both you and your dog will receive our full attention.

On arrival we like to take the time to discuss exactly what you would like for your dog. We will check the condition of their coat and inform you straight away if they have any mats which will need to be removed. Dogs that have poorly kept coats take considerably longer to groom which means additional time spent in de-matting the coat prior to bathing and will increase the price of the visit.

If brushing out the mats is going to cause stress or discomfort to the dog then the mats will be clipped or cut out.

Every appointment is tailored to your dog’s specific needs and within a set time slot. Therefore, we ask that you and your dog arrive promptly for appointments and collections.

If your dog is very nervous or not good around other dogs then please inform us when booking as we can arrange an appointment for the start or end of the day.

We record on the dogs ‘personal record card’ any special instructions you give us regarding the finish required, any special shampoo or conditioners, their behaviour and the price charged

Regular appointments will keep your dog in top condition. Advance appointments mean your dog(s) are groomed at a time that suits you, make life easier and set up advance appointments today; never forget to re-book again!

We will notify you by text, at least 48 hours before your appointment in case it slips your mind as we all lead such busy lives.


It is almost impossible for us to quote prices on line as all dogs are different, even if they are the same breed. The size and condition of the dog all play a part in the work involved.

Please call Tony for an initial consultation and he will inform you of the price. However, if when you bring the dog in to be groomed the condition of the coat is not as good as was described over the phone then you may incur an additional cost which you will be informed of before you leave the studio.

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