We want your puppies first experience of our grooming studio to be as relaxing and stress free as possible. Once your new bundle of fluff is fully vaccinated they will be safe to bring and meet with the groomer who can advise you on the needs of your puppy.

Your New Puppy…

He or she is a bouncy, wiggly, ball of fluff that fills your life with endless love and fun. They adore you and depend on you to supply every want and need. You want to do everything right; feed them proper food, teach them manners and basic obedience and make sure their medical and grooming needs are fulfilled.

Early Grooming is Essential….

Teach your puppy the basics – gently touch them all over every day. Don’t forget their feet and toes (but don’t tickle). All puppies learn from association, so it’s best to get your puppy used to being handled and touched all over from an early age, making his or her first encounter with a brush a pleasant one.

In the beginning, brush your puppy little and often and a treat given at the end of brushing will help them associate grooming with something nice. Puppies should be introduced to professional grooming when they are about 12 weeks old.

Your Puppies First Visit to the Grooming Studio…

It’s always best to bring your puppy to the studio for a couple of short visits to familiarise them with all the sights and sounds of the studio before their actual appointment. If you wish to do this, please call and arrange a suitable time.

How Long Will It Take…

The first few appointments will take a bit longer than a normal groom. It is extremely important for your puppy to trust your choice in a groomer and to be comfortable. With gentle guidance, your puppy will learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something to be feared. They will have a bath and dry and a general tidy up of the face, paws, pads, bottom area and finally the nails, all finished off with our special doggy perfume or cologne so they will not only look good but smell lovely!

Please Don’t Come Back To Early...

Please wait to be notified when your puppy is nearly ready. If your puppy sees you or hears you, they may become to excited that it may be impossible to finish the groom.

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